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Sustention (Viduus Entertainment)

Explore the galaxy. Win allegiances. Thwart those who would harm O-CORP’s assets or its citizens. This is your journey.

Set far in the future, mankind has now colonized countless planets under the guide and care of several corporations.  These corporations colonize planets for namely economic reasons.  Thus, most colonies also double as some material venture such as mining, commerce, or research.  The player character works for one such company.  He/she is tasked with returning to O-CORP space and stabilizing the systems as O-CORP is losing control of its planets due to an insurgency calling themselves the PLM.  At each of three critical planets, the player will have a choice with whom to side and what to do with the problems that face the people there. Role Provided:

Graphic Designer

Level Designer

Work Provided:

Tileset Assets

Objects Assets

Background Assets

Level Designs

Project Gallery

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