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Game Jams

Deep Space - A survival space game -
Role: Game Designer and Artist

Date: 2023
Categories: Game Development

This was a 48 hour project with 2 members on the team in the Unity Engine. The premise of the game was that you as a survivor had to escape the ship with limited oxygen, repairing the ship and getting yourself out alive. Loosely inspired by the Firefly episode "Out of Gas".

Bulwark - Game Jam prototype - Github
Role: Game Designer and Artist

Date: 2018
Categories: Game Development

As a test of our engine, the team decided that we would do a short 48 hour long game jam. This game is what we came up with. We took some of the old concepts from side scrolling space shooters and put them to the test. Culminating in what we ended up calling Bulwark. It is by no means a complete game, but it was fun to make and we hope that you have a fun time playing it.

This project involved working very close with the programmer due to the time restriction. We were doing things in this game that we had never done with the engine before and this involved a lot of trial and error with the rest of the team.

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