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Blood of Yamin (Quintillion Games)

The Blood of Yamin is a metroidvania RPG set in a world where man has just learned to harvest the essence of a dead god.

Explore, collect, and slay your way across Yamin from a side-scrolling perspective. Along your journey, you'll brave the wilderness which is packed to the brim with outlaws and monsters. You'll explore dense cities to shop, gather information, and begin quests to prepare for that expedition to the wilds. You'll learn new abilities to unlock dangerous areas and overcome the enemies that await you there.

During your time in Yamin, expect a rich world with immersive world-building and plenty to explore and uncover. Join one of three influential guilds and leave your mark for whatever cause you deem worthy. Uncover the mystery of Roshee, a god all but forgotten, and learn of the dangers lurking beneath the world's surface. And when you're ready, brave the depths below for demanding, high-end content that will push your skills and preparation to its absolute limit.

Role Provided:

Graphic Designer

Game Designer

Work Provided:

General Game design

Level Design

All Assets provided


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