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Press Kit:

What is Blood of Yamin?

Blood of Yamin is what you would get when you mix a love of combat from Action- RPG’s with a metroidvania template, a rich world on the cusp of an industrial revolution and high value in immersion.

Our goal is to bring more of an RPG feel to the classic metroidvania formula by introducing features such as gear, stat allocation, skill trees, dialogue options, and other tools to facilitate variety in your gameplay. 

A deep dive into turmoil

Explore a world steeped in tension as the world turns to a new age marred by the exploitation of Yaminite, a mysterious disease and the engines of war. As three city-states vie for the power that technology brings, the world trembles to earthquakes unlocking passages that lead deep within the world. It is up to you to uncover the secrets of the long past and join one of three influential guilds and leave your mark on the world, for better or worse. 


The world will consist of different regions that will differentiate in themes, design and enemies. All interconnected and separated by HUBs that allow you to find spaces to rest in your journey. Unlocking abilities along the way to deepen your traversal which eventually lead to the end-game zones where the true tests begin.

Blood of Yamin Debut Trailer

Blood of Yamin Presskit images

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