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About Us

Quintillion Games

Quintillion Games is a indie game development studio founded in 2020.

Our team works together, remotely from all over the world. We seek to better our surroundings and the community through creative expression. We strive to do so by creating an institution that allows for AA production and publication without the compromise of the principles.

Meet The Team 

Johnathon "Skubasteve" Brown

Quintillion Games owner and Pixel Artist based out of California. Game Designer, Concept Artist and Creative director, he tends to find himself where it is needed.



Twitter: skubasteve_irl

John Caruso

Unity developer based out of Pennsylvania, US. Passionate about working on fresh, innovative indie games. Likes to use big words to sound more photosynthesis.



Petter "Peppsen" Sumelius

Finnish-Swedish composer and sound designer. Thrilled to fill his day with his two greatest passions; music and video games.


Twitter: PetterSumelius


Novelist and game writer based out of the US. Works on cool things. All the things! Too many things. Part of the writing team and game designer at Quintillion Games.


Portfolio/Socials: Twitter: timidthewriter

Jacquelyn Mae

Freelance writer and artist based out of California. She is part of our writing team and runs day to day operations within Quintillion Games. Her role changes even more often than her hair color. 


Portfolio / Socials

Instagram: domesticated_weird Twitter: DomesticWeird

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